Comhairle na nÓg 31 youth councils across the country
giving young people a voice on local services & policies

Useful Resources

National Strategy on Children and Young Peoples Participation in Decision Making 2015-2020


Topics 2017:
The following document gives a summary of the main topics being worked on by the 31 Comhairlí na nÓg in 2017:

Topics 2017 – narrative report

TOPICS 2016:

The following document gives a summary of the main topics being worked on by the 31 Comhairlí na nÓg in 2016:



Dáil na nÓg:  

Dail na nOg Delegate report 2015

Coordinators Guide to Dail na nOg 2015


Useful reports:


Comhairle Showcase report 2014

Comhairle na nOg Annual Report 2014


Comhairle na nOg Annual Report 2013


A Practical Guide to including seldom-heard children and young people in decision-making

Click here to download:      Seldom Heard toolkit


Presentation on What is Comhairle na nÓg

PDF:                             What is Comhairle na nOg presentation

Online PREZI

This PREZI was used by members of the National Executive when presenting to members of the Oireachtas.


Questions and Answers on Steering Committees

At the Annual Information, Networking and Training event for Comhairle na nÓg Organisers’ on 28th April 2015 in Dublin there were round-table discussions on Steering Committee. Many questions came up about how to make the Steering Committee meaningful and what members should sit on the Steering Committee. A video resource (see below) based on good practice examples from Carlow, Donegal and Roscommon Comhairlí Steering Committees was shown at the event. The discussions following the video are covered in the following document: Discussion on Steering Committees

Facilitation tips for Comhairle na nÓg 

As a coordinator or organiser of Comhairle na nÓg you might need to brief volunteers or facilitators at your AGM. The following is the facilitation training resource pack used at the training day in September 2014: Facilitation training resource pack. You can download the document and edit it as needed for use at your AGM or Comhairle meetings. It contains tips for facilitation, ice-breaking and energiser game ideas and evaluation ideas.

Tips for Organising an effective AGM 

A successful Comhairle na nÓg AGM requires a lot of pre-planning. To help you plan out the AGM download the AGM Checklist here: Checklist before AGM. This document looks at practical preparations, key roles, resources, promotion, selection of young people and issues for discussion. For more information and ideas on organising an effective AGM please see the Participation Officer presentation from the September training 2014: AGM training 2014 and the Comhairle na nÓg Toolkit.


Nina in Dublin City Comhairle has very kindly shared her “facilitators guide” from the 2014 Dublin City AGM. You can download it here: Facilitators Guide Dub City AGM 2014. In this guide there is a great breakdown of all the roles needed on the day and what responsibilities they have on the day of the AGM, tips for facilitators and a run through of every stage of the day. Hope this super organised guide comes in useful. Thanks for sharing, Nina!