There’s only one of you and celebrating that is one of the best ways to get the most out of life.

That’s why we’re asking for your help to promote individuality through the #TeachMeAsMe campaign.

Tell us when your school was cool

If you’re between 12 and 18, we’re looking for your positive experiences about how your school helps you celebrate your individuality.

All you have to do is show us how your school respects your individuality through a photo or video.

Win a One4All voucher worth up to €250

The smartest, funniest and most inspiring videos will win vouchers that can be spent across Ireland. Now, all you have to do is get started. The best way to do that is by watching the videos below.

Watch the videos

About the campaign

How to enter

Today's #TeachMeAsMe Video

Capturing it

Select a positive example of when your school respected and enabled your individuality. Choose whether your entry is a photo or video. Film your entry in a bright and evenly lit environment, in landscape mode. Speak clearly, with no bad language or copyrighted music. When you’re done, re-watch it a couple of times to ensure you’re happy with your entry.

Entering it

To submit your entry, email it with your forms to However, if you are sending a large file such as a video, you can also upload it to by following the instructions on the screen.

The rules

The competition is only open to those aged between 12 and 18. Videos must be a MAXIMUM of 1-minute long, Each entry needs to be accompanied by a parental consent form and an assent form. Schools are ONLY to be named in the accompanying email for reference and NOT in your video or photograph.

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