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National Executive meetings 2018-19

The National Executive has a term of office of two years and meets once a month with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Participation Team in DCYA offices in Dublin to progress their topic.

The topic: 

The Comhairle na nÓg National Executive 2018-19 commenced their term on Sat 3rd February 2018. For the next two years, this group will be working on the theme of Equality with a specific focus on equality in a school setting. After a number of meetings, they have narrowed down their focus to two specific areas of equality in school: individuality and student voice.

The process: 

You can follow the progress of their topic by clicking on the links below to read the meeting newsletters.

Meeting newsletter 17 08.06.2019

Meeting newsletter 16 11.05.2019

Meeting 15: 13.04.2019
Meeting newsletter 15 13.04.2019

Meeting 14: 09.03.2019
Meeting newsletter 14 30.03.2019

Meeting 13: 09.03.2019
Meeting newsletter 13 09.03.2019


Meeting 13: 16.02.2019

Meeting newsletter 12 16.02.2019

Meeting 11: 12.01.2019
Meeting newsletter 11 12.01.2019


Comhairle members have their say in review of RSE in schools
On Tues. 27th November three members of the Comhairle na nÓg National Executive, Alicia O’Sullivan, Cork County; Aaron Hackett, Kildare and Caoilfhinn Ní Choiligh, Westmeath, participated in a consultation symposium hosted by the NCCA, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, the topic of which was the review of the teaching of RSE in schools.  This review is being undertaken by the NCCA and they were keen to consult with young people in relation to it.  A large-scale consultation on the review is planned for March next year.

Alicia O’Sullivan gave a presentation on the day about her Comhairle’s topic of Relationships and Sexual Health which they have been working on since 2017. This took the form of an advocacy campaign for quality sexual education and taking action for more effective content and delivery of this subject through the school curriculum. She also discussed her own experience of the teaching of RSE in her school and referred specifically to issues such as STIs and consent as well as sex education for the LGBTI+ community.  Research carried out by the Comhairle showed that young people felt very strongly that every student in Ireland has the right to receive a comprehensive sexual education. Their findings also showed that 82% of Irish students felt their sex ed was insufficient. Alicia ended her presentation by asking the following question to the room: ‘how do we make this a shared priority and instigate it in modern Ireland?’











Meeting 10: 08.12.2018
Meeting newsletter 10 08.12.2018

Meeting 9: 10.11.2018
Meeting newsletter 9 10.11.2018

Presentation to the National Executive Steering Committee: 17.10.2018
NE Presentation to Steering Committee 17.10.2018


Meeting 8: 06.10.2018 
Meeting newsletter 06.10.2018

Meeting 7: 01.09.2018               Meeting newsletter 01.09.2018

Meeting 6: 09.07.2018

Meeting newsletter 09.07.2018

Meeting 5: 09.06.2018

Meeting newsletter 09.06.2018

Meeting 4: 19.05.2018

Meeting newsletter 19.05.2018


Link to download PDF of presentations from the meeting:

The Student and Parent Charter DES

Young People’s presentation to UN Special Rapporteur


Meeting 3: 14.04.2018

Meeting newsletter 14.04.2018


Meeting 2: 10.03.2018

Meeting newsletter 10.03.2018

Meeting 1: 3rd February 2018

Meeting newsletter 03.02.2018