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Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg

  • Coordinator name: Pauline Strappe
  • Contact email:
  • Address:
    C/O Deirdre Cox,
    Community and Economic Development,
    Tipperary County Council,
    Co. Tipperary
  • Tel: Deirdre: 0761065000   Pauline: 0504 23426 / 0504 23742 / 087 7726777
  • National Executive representative: Anna Powell
  • Twitter: @tippcomhairle
  • Facebook: Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg
  • Instagram: tippcomhairle

Current Topic

Tipperary Comhairle are focusing on LGBTQ awareness & Bullying as our primary topic. We plan to conduct a LGBTQ poster campaign, and host an awareness raising event in Tipperary.

We are also continuing our work on the topic of mental health.  At our annual mental health awareness event, we will use the Let’s Go Mental event template and organise an event to promote positive mental health in Tipperary.


Work already completed

Health Promotion was our key topic for 2016, focusing on diet and wellness. We progressed our topic through the organisation of an event, and production of a workshop.

Tipperary Comhairle has been continuing its work on the topic of mental health since 2015. .

We hosted our #LetsGoMental2015 event in June 2015 – to read more and see some pics click here:

North Tipperary and South Tipperary Comhairle were operating as two separate Comhairle until the Local Authority merger in 2014, and up to this point were working on separate topics.

North Tipperary Comhairle has been working to promote positive mental health in the county. Members took part in a peer facilitation training day and qualified to deliver a workshop called, ‘Snow White and the Seven Mental Health Helpers.’ In June 2014 we delivered the training to 140 primary school children in North Tipperary. We have held a number of awareness events at local level and made good use of social media and the Web to promote positive mental health. We also joined and endorsed the, ‘No Hate Speech Campaign’ with positive messages and posted them to Facebook.

South Tipperary Comhairle was focused on the promotion of positive mental health in the county. The Connected Communities funding enabled us to progress our topic further by holding an art and music event entitled, Different is okay, Different is unique. It took place in Cashel in May 2014 and was a great success. We created youth friendly information on the Children’s Services Committee & linked with decision makers.

A sub-group was also set-up to create better links with local structures and decision makers to reflect local government changes in light of the 2014 merger of North and South Tipperary.