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About us


Offaly Comhairle na nÓg are working on the topic of Mental Health in 2022.



Offaly Comhairle na nÓg were working on these three topics in 2021:

    • Climate Change – continuation of work from 2020
    • Racism towards Ethnic Minorities
    • Transport and Ticket Prices for young people

Trash-Talk is an application developed by Offaly Comhairle members. Their aim is to help make schools in Offaly single-use-plastic free. The application provides a toolkit to help young people in Offaly achieve this. Their aim is that this app will cultivate a wave of positive change, and that one day all schools in Offaly will be single-use-plastic free.

The video was premiered at a virtual exhibition at the ENCORE conference which was partly hosted in Tullamore.

New Policy adopted – Women and Diversity in Local Government

The ‘Women and Diversity in Local Government’ policy was launched at an Offaly County Council meeting in July. Comhairle members were consulted on aspects of this policy and are proud of their contributions. It is hoped this policy will encourage more women and people from diverse backgrounds to run for local elections in 2024.



Topic 1: Gender Balance and Diversity Policy: Offaly Comhairle members held two online consultations with other young people from Offaly to discuss Gender Balance and Diversity in Local Government, with the hope to increase it in the 2024 elections. Communication was made with all 12 secondary schools in Offaly and 1-2 students from the schools were selected to attend a webinar on zoom in conjunction with existing Comhairle na nÓg members.

Two webinars using zoom were organised and facilitated in June in which a panel of experts gave talks and facilitated discussions on gender balance and diversity in local government. The panel of experts consisted of:

• Pippa Hackett (then Senator)
• Claire Claffey (Councillor)
• Catherine Lane (Women’s Council of Ireland)

Comhairle members are looking forward presenting the final Policy to Offaly County Council before the end of the year.


Comhairle members get involved in #YourCouncil day 

On 1st July, members of Offaly Comhairle na nOg met with Cllr. Neil Feighery and Director of Services, Sharon Kennedy from Offaly County Council. Members wanted to learn more about the council and what councillors do. Cllr Feighery and Sharon Kennedy had a good chat with the Comhairle members who were interested in learning how policy decisions are made and all about what’s it like to work in Public Service.


Comhairle members respond to Covid crisis. 

Topic 2:Exam Stress and Anxiety
Offaly Comhairle na nÓg produced this video before the Covid-19 Stay at Home measures were introduced, as part of their 2019 topic, focusing on exam stress and anxiety.  Watch their video for some tips and advice on how to cope during this time and the small things you can do to manage your anxiety.


Offaly Comhairle na nÓg looked at environmental issues in 2020 including Climate Change and a Carbon Footprint Audit. 

Comhairle members  took part in a climate change talk online with Professor John Sweeney from Maynooth University, one of the leading experts on climate change in Ireland.


Offaly Comhairle were working on mental health in 2019, concentrating on the topics of exam stress and anxiety. They
created information packs and designed materials for use in schools. They also made a video on dealing with Exam Stress. Comhairle members were responsible for writing, researching and acting in the video which was produced by Mixed Bag Media. The launch of the video was delayed as a result of the Covid pandemic – it was officially launched in April 2020. 


As part of their 2018 project, they produced an information booklet detailing the work of Comhairle and listing some of the activities that took place throughout the previous year. The launch of the booklet took place at the National Ploughing Championships The booklet was launched by Mr. Gavan Duffy, Presidential Candidate and TV Celebrity and the group were lucky enough to meet with our current President, Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina who stopped by for a chat and some photos.

Guest at the launch included representatives from Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board, Jigsaw Offaly and Offaly County Council.

Work already completed

In November 2016, Offaly Comhairle na nÓg launched our Generation Communication” event at the County Arms Hotel in Birr. The purpose of the day was to bridge any social barriers that exist between the youth and the elderly communities across Offaly. We came up with the idea at one of our Comhairle meetings as members expressed a wish to improve intergenerational communication between teenagers and senior citizens. We also hoped the event would help to to dispel any stereotypes that either generation may have had toward the other. You can see some of the photos in our gallery below.

In March 2016 Offaly Comhairle Na nÓg official launched their brand new youth enterprise start-up video series ‘Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?, which was developed by the young people in the Comhairle group. These videos promote youth enterprise and innovation –  see all four below!

Part 1: Introduction
This section details the level of enterprise awareness among young people in Offaly.

Part 2 – Starting Out
Starring a variety of Offaly entrepreneurs on how they made it happen! Inspiring business people on our very own doorstep

Part 3 – Making it Work
So how important is it to market your business and what are the different methods of marketing used? What are the funding options available for your business?
Listen to what our entrepreneurs have to say on marketing and funding..

Part 4:  Sticking with it!!
The never-give up attitude and advice for new start-ups


Offaly Comhairle na nÓg continued their work on Enterprise Promotion in 2015. We also investigated the implementation of a central youth café in Offaly.

Offaly Comhairle na nÓg committee has recently completed work on three great projects. Following on from our 2012 entrepreneurship topic, we created and published a ‘Who wants to be an Entrepreneur’ magazine and distributed over 4000 copies around the country. To expand on this, we are now working on a DVD featuring known Irish entrepreneurs to be used as an informative tool for young people interested in this area.

We also run a central youth club, and organise a bus service to bring young people of all ages from the different areas of the county. We feel this reduces rural isolation and provides an outlet for young people from smaller towns who often have nowhere to go and have nothing to do at weekends.


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