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Current Topics

Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg have been active in their communities and successfully organised four litter picks around County Monaghan









Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg were working on Alcohol & Drugs Awareness in 2021.

Comhairle members shot a video based on this theme, with information on what to do in an emergency situation. The video showcases their work throughout the entire year and includes their wallet cards and information signs (more on this below)

The group have developed pocket information cards “what to do in an emergency situation?”. The pocket cards contain information on emergency crisis phone numbers, how to identify if someone has consumed too much alcohol, how to identify if someone is experiencing an overdose and what to do if a friend has consumed too much alcohol or drugs. The cards are available for services in the county and can be ordered by contacting Liam or Grainne by email on


The group have also developed outdoor signage that will be displayed in towns across Co. Monaghan. The signage contains similar information to the pocket information cards, with the key aim being for young people not to be afraid to seek help in emergency situations and knowing who to contact in emergency situations. The group are aiming to display the posters in locations around the towns where young people hang out and they will put up during key nights of the year such as St. Patrick’s Day and Junior Certificate results night.


Comhairle Comhrá:

Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg have teamed up with the Youth Information Project in Youth Work Ireland Cavan / Monaghan. Over the past few weeks  Comhairle members have been talking about a wide range of topics from exams to mental health and lockdown.  You can watch their chats on their Facebook page here:


Monaghan Comhairle take action on Inclusion and Disabilities

Members of Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg have been working on the topic of Inclusion and Disabilities. Over the course of lockdown, members of the group took part in learning some Lámh – a “manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disabilities and communication needs in Ireland”.

The group have also produced a booklet on hidden disabilities – ones which not be visible to other people, but can have a major affect on the person’s life. This booklet identifies some of the more common ones, and aims to debunk the myths and stereotypes. The booklet was launched in September. You can download it here:    Hidden Disabilities Booklet Monaghan Comhairle

Comhairle member Taryn took part in a Q&A session with the social inclusion officer in Monaghan County Council. She had the opportunity to put forward a number of questions on behalf on Monaghan Comhairle regarding inclusion and disabilities. The group have also been sharing informative posts on their Instagram page about some common hidden disabilities.


Staying engaged and active during lockdown 

  • Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg have been spreading positivity & inclusivity through social media. They have continued their project on disabilities by running online campaigns to raise awareness of them, notably autism and Down Syndrome. They also took part in the #mindyourselfie campaign.
  • Comhairle member Adam wrote an article for SpunOut – you can read it here
  • They have been developing resources to be included in a pack that the age-friendly coordinator is circulating to older people cocooning e.g. word searches, crosswords, adult colouring sheets, messages from key sports people and shops that provide delivery services and an info sheet on how to use Zoom step by step through the GAA

Current Topics
Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg worked on two key areas in 2020:

1. Homelessness
2. Inclusion and Disabilities

This is what they did:

  • A video based on the UN rights of a person with disabilities and a video based on hidden disabilities – two of the Comhairle members have a hidden disability and will be taking part in the video.
  • Social media awareness on different disabilities and inclusion. The group took part in World Down Syndrome Day by engaging in the ‘lots of socks’ day where they wore odd and funky socks to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and posted images on the Comhairle social media platforms. The group also be took part in World Autism Day on April 2nd 2020. They shared pieces of art work with positive messages and quotes across their social media pages.


Previous Topics

Monaghan Comhairle were working on three topics in 2019: promoting positive relationships, drugs & alcohol and anti-bullying. In March 2019 they hosted an event in Monaghan where young people participated in a workshop on healthy relationships, received an introduction to the “Real U” Programme organised by Foróige and had fun with a photo booth.

They produced an anti-bully policy which their members developed alongside an ISPCC staff member. For this they were  awarded the Shield My Flag Award from the ISPCC. They are the first Comhairle in the country to receive this award which was developed by the members alongside an ISPCC Childline staff member.

They also did some work with local steering groups, the Joint Policing Committee and the ‘safe-socialising’ committee on their topic of drugs and alcohol. This involved a drugs and alcohol presentation: ‘The perspective of young people on getting a safe socialising message out to 12/13 year olds’, and a youth-led consultation and workshop for Monaghan County Councillors.

One of the highlights of 2019 was a trip to the Ombudsman for Children’s Office.

Comhairle newsletter July 2019 

Monaghan Comhairle newsletter April 2019


They also received a youth award for their 2018 LGBT project which included their ‘Colour Run for Equality’ and their ‘The Real Me’ film at the Comhairle Chontae Mhuineacháin awards ceremony 2019.


Previous topics

In 2018 Monaghan Comhairle focused on the issues surrounding the LGBT+ community. Their aim was to change the perspective and stigma associated with the LGBT community through awareness and education programmes aimed at parents, young people and the wider community through a print & media campaign. On Monday 24th September they held a Run for Equality in conjunction with Monaghan Sports Partnership.

Monaghan Comhairle’s primary topic for 2017 was mental health, with a particular focus on eating disorders – we ran an awareness campaign on this issue. Our aim was to produce an information flyer and posters which can be distributed to schools as a resource, and delivered as part of the SPHE model to first years. We have also linked with the local CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to identify someone relevant to speak in our schools, either as part of Healthy Eating week or Positive Mental Health week. 

Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg chose to work on Intergenerational projects with the aim of improving relationships between young and older people. We worked alongside the Older People’s Forum and the Age Friendly County and compiled a database of services and supports available for older people in the County. As part of our plans to improve the connection between the younger and older people in our area, four of our Comhairle members attended the Monaghan Older Peoples Network AGM – see pics at the bottom of the page. While there, they gathered more information for our database on the facilities for older people in our area, Niall gave a speech outlining what Comhairle na nÓg is and why they were there, and they recruited some new faces for the video we were making. We produced a DVD entitled “Breaking Down Stereotypes” in partnership with thirty older people. The DVD looks at common stereotypes that face both generations and reinforces the message that age shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving great things. In the DVD we highlight accomplishments young and old have achieved both locally, nationally and internationally!

Monaghan na nÓg have completed work on the topic of Healthy Eating, with a particular focus on healthy eating options in school canteens.

We also hosted our #LetsGoMental2015 event in October 2015 – some pics below but please watch our video first which really captures the fun of the day.

To read more click here:  

One of Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg’s recent success stories was our work on the topic of Positive Mental Health in 2013. We worked closely with Monaghan County Council’s Social Inclusion Measure Group and the Positive Mental Health Sub-Committee, HSE and Mental Health Ireland. Our group succeeded in mapping the services and supports available in the county for those with mental ill-health. We produced “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, a wallet-sized information leaflet listing relevant local and national contacts, as well as practical advice and inspirational quotes. This project drew high praise from the elected members of Monaghan County Council who commended the Comhairle project team on our resourcefulness and initiative. It also received front page coverage in the local press.


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