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About us

Current topic

Laois Comhairle’s topic for 2017 is education. We have identified a need for life-skills lessons in schools and how to help young people cope with stress. Our project will take the form of research, consultations and analysis of information on the current facilities, school systems and information available to young people: we will look at technology and potentially develop an app for schools.

Work already completed

Laois Comhairle’s primary topic for 2016 – 17 is Youth friendly spaces. We will carry out research, consultation and analysis of information on the current facilities, transport & information available to young people. We will survey young people countywide to identify gaps and needs. We will set up noticeboards in every school highlighting local youth facilities and carry out a survey of young people county wide to identify gaps and needs.

Safer environment and affordable transport for young people is a secondary topic. We will link with the rural transport providers to progress this topic.

Laois Comhairle completed their work on the topic of mental health in 2015, We had been working on the development of iFest – a festival for young people to promote positive mental health, and to educate young people about bullying and its effect on a young person’s mental health. Laois Comhairle  hosted our #LetsGoMental2015 event on 12th July. This was one of the 31 regional events, forming part of the national  ‘Lets Go Mental: do something for your mental health today’ campaign.

Here is the link to our event page:

Following on from the success of the “IMind” Youth Mental Health conference (see below), a programme to promote mental health awareness through a billboard campaign and a toolkit for delivery to students in secondary schools across Laois is ngoing. Our “Be the True You” body image project has been completed and delivered with great success.

In 2012-13, Laois Comhairle worked on an awareness campaign for young people – “IMIND”. The focus of the project was on developing awareness around the concept of “IMIND – Stay Connected” and minding your mental health by staying connected to friends, family and your local community, but most importantly with yourself.

The campaign involved the creation of a survey which was devised for young people in relation to minding your health and mental health and this survey was conducted among 2013 AGM delegates. Information from the survey will form the basis of the toolkit in 2014. An awareness campaign was also devised comprising competitions, social media outlets and purchase of awareness material, e.g., wristbands etc, and this campaign was launched at the Comhairle AGM 2013.