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Fingal Comhairle na nÓg

About us

Current topic

Fingal Comhairle’s main project for 2018 is focused on Mental Health & Male Body Image. We are working with Liz Kenny Productions and film maker Gerard Walsh on the production of a video on the topic. A secondary project is Financial Stress on young people which will involve a series of internal facilitated training sessions with experts.

Previous topics: 

Fingal Comhairle focussed on the primary topic of mental health in 2017, with a particular focus on how financial issues have an impact on our health and wellbeing.  We liaised with all relevant organisations in our locality, for example Jigsaw, to progress our work.

Video below was made by Fingal Comhairle member Grace Boyle for our AGM 2017.

Fingal Comhairle were focused on two main projects: bringing basic First Aid Training to students in schools across Fingal; and an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) awareness campaign. We  engaged with schools and First Aid trainers to develop a pilot Basic First Aid program, which we hope will be rolled out in schools across Fingal.

For the LGBT awareness campaign, they designed rainbow-coloured wristbands with the slogan ‘LGBT, let me be me!’ which were distributed to schools throughout Fingal. The purpose of the project was to remove stigmas and stereotypes and to help LGBT youth feel safer and happier in the community.

Fingal Comhairle were also involved in the nationwide Let’s Go Mental campaign in 2015 to promote positive mental health in young people.

Fingal hosted their #LetsGoMental2015 event in October 2015. To read more click here: 

Fingal Comhairle na nÓg worked on Bullying as our primary topic for 2014-15. We researched all information and supports available, and created an infographic which is available on our website.

Our secondary topic was Transport – we have made representations to former Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar, C.I.E. and Fingal Integrated Transport Forum on the issues identified as being of concern to young people, such as cost and disability access. Since then, the number of bus fleets with wheelchair access in Fingal has increased, and a LEAP card for 16-18 year olds has been launched.
We also examined the issue of underage drinking in Fingal, and explored the effects on young people. We met with Community Gardaí in Fingal to discuss, and are working with Debs Ireland to include harm-reduction advice on Debs tickets.

Fingal Comhairle na nÓg worked on a number of topics in 2012-13, including Transport, Bullying and Youth Mental Health. In relation to transport, we identified a lack of wheelchair accessible buses in Fingal as a key issue. We made representations outlining our concerns to key decision makers in this area including Director of Operations Fingal County Council, Chairperson of Fingal Integrated Transport forum and Dublin Bus. 

Another achievement of the past few years was our ‘Free Spirit Festival’ – a mental health and well-being event which promoted positive mental and physical well-being and identified gaps in service provision for young people.

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