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About us

Current topic

Clare Comhairle’s primary topic for 2017 is mental health. As in previous years, we will continue the tradition of the Onesie Run as part of the ‘Be at Onesie with Yourself’ Campaign.  We will host a series of positive mental health activities during Mental Health Week.

Our secondary topic is Cyber Safety. On 7th February two of our members were invited to present at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Children & Youth Affairs. They will be discussing their projects on Cyber Security & Safety for children & young people. We will talk about our cyber safety programme, run in partnership with McAfee, and our sexting workshop, co-run with Samfés, the Icelandic equivalent of Comhairle, through an Erasmus+ exchange with Iceland. Last year we hosted a “Sexting Peer Education Workshop”, based on an initiative by Samfés. Our presentation follows new research showing that almost half of Irish teenagers in their final year at school say they have participated in sexting, which is defined as the sharing of sexual text, video, and photographic content using phone, social networks, apps and other technologies. The study shows that sexting activity increased progressively through each year of second-level education.

The presenters will also talk about the outcome of a Cyber Safety Workshop for students which was designed by McAfee, facilitated by Clare Youth Service and funded by Clare Local Development Company in 2016 and 2017. 752 young people, mainly first year students, took part in the programme in schools across Clare.

We are also researching the issue of public transport in Co. Clare by examining current scheduling and timetabling of public transport and will make recommendations to relevant bodies.

Work already completed

Over the past two years Clare Comhairle na nÓg have worked on a wide range of topics including positive mental health, relationships and sexuality with an emphasis on online activity, and youth democracy. We produced a film which premiered on an exchange to the Icelandic Youth Parliament in October 2016. During the exchange, we examined the idea of youth democracy, and presented a workshop based on the work of Clare Comhairle over the past two years, which has been focused on mental health, and sexual health and relationships.

We also showed off our Irish dancing skills to the Icelandic Youth Parliament federation, and even taught the natives, and other visiting students a few steps.

In addition, we organised Mental Health & Art Workshops; and ran the now annual “Great Onesie Run” in Clare, promoting other worthwhile charities and bringing a smile to peoples’ faces.
All the resources produced have been distributed to schools and youth clubs in Clare.

Clare Comhairle na nÓg’s primary topic for 2015 was Relationships and Sexuality Education, with special reference to the growing availability of pornography. We worked on developing a ‘think before you view’ app or similar product to ensure that young people are aware that they cannot ‘unview’ a video download. We also worked on a creative Cyber-Safety project, to  raise awareness with the general public, adults and youth on how much of their personal information is open to public viewing.

We also hosted the second annual ‘Onesie Run’, as part of the ‘Be at Onesie with Yourself’ Campaign to continue our work on promoting positive mental health.
In 2014 Clare Comhairle na nÓg worked on the topic of Positive Mental Health, with particular reference to young people. We ran a ‘Be at Onesie with Yourself’ Campaign to promote awareness of the importance of positive mental health. This included “The Great Onesie Run” in five Clare towns promoting Pieta House and Cycle Against Suicide, Zorbing in a Onesie, the Limerick Pride Parade in Onesies and lots more besides.

We also worked on the topic of Relationships and Sexuality Education, as it applies to young people, and adapted a number of resources for use in schools and youth clubs in Clare. We produced two films, carried out a fitness programme, and ran LGBT awareness workshops. All the resources produced have been sent to schools and youth clubs in Clare. We had so much fun, despite the it being a lot of work.


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