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Carlow Comhairle na nÓg

  • Coordinator name:  Donal Fitzgerald
  • Contact email:
  • Address:
    C/O Hilda Minchin,
    Carlow Comhairle na nÓg
    Department of Community and Enterprise
    Carlow Local Authorities
    Athy Road
    Co. Carlow
  • Tel:    Anne-Marie: 086 771 6597
  • National Executive representative: Racheal Diyaolu
  • Instagram: carlowcomhairle 
  • Twitter: @ComhairleNaNog1
  • Facebook: Carlow Comhairle na nÓg

About us

Current topic

Carlow Comhairle na nÓg are currently working on two topics: Mental Health and Social Isolation/ Youth Resilience.


Adapting their work in a time of lockdown

Before the lockdown happened, Carlow Comhairle na nÓg produced mental health first aid kits. During lockdown, these were distributed to less fortunate teenagers who perhaps were struggling during in quarantine. They built on the “How’s Your Head” brochure created in 2018 and designed a Youth Mental Health Pack which kept the same “How’s Your Head” brand. The pack included an eye mask, their mental health brochure, a pencil case, earplugs, a stress ball and an aromatherapy stick. These packs were most recently distributed to young people in Residential Care through Tusla, which were greatly appreciated in this uncertain time. The members have also given workshops on the “How’s Your Head” brochure and how to use them.


Past topics 

Carlow Comhairle na nÓg focused their work in 2019 on Climate Activism in the community.

Carlow Comhairle’s primary topic for 2017 was LGBT Awareness. They put together a programme of LGBT peer-led leadership training with a focus on LGBT support and awareness in schools. Upon completion, the Comhairle members delivered the LGBT awareness raising workshops in schools.

Here is a short video made by the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to wish them well on their topic.

Carlow Comhairle na nÓg conducted a Countywide Needs Analysis in 2016 to identify and record the gaps in transport services and the impact this has on young people in County Carlow. We presented these findings and made representation outlining the young people’s concerns to key service providers and local decision makers. The aim of this topic of transport was to introduce an I.D. solution for under 18’s in Carlow in order to avail of affordable transport (such as student Leap card).

Carlow Comhairle na nÓg have recently completed their work on the topic of mental heath, which had a particular focus on promoting happiness. Our aim was to create awareness of the ‘ten keys to happier living’ roadshow throughout the schools in Carlow, encouraging young people to be happy activists. In May 2015 we set up a Happy Café during school exams, which was a brilliant success.

We have also recently completed work on the topic of individuality – our aim was to promote diversity and acceptance of young individuality and to increase positivity of the young people in Carlow. We recently made a documentary on the topic of individuality.It explores perceptions of individuality and highlights the importance for young people to recognise their own uniqueness and respect differences of others. The documentary was launched in October 2014 during Carlow mental health association Mensana festival. It also reached young people in schools during SPHE classes. The key message delivered by Comhairle during 2014 is that It’s ok to be yourself   #Standout

In 2013 Carlow Comhairle worked on the topic of bullying. We  focused on the impact of bullying in schools and conducted research in all the secondary schools through a questionnaire we designed. Based on the results of this we will develop solutions and link in with local decision makers.


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