Comhairle na nÓg The national parliament for young people

Recommendations from Dáil na nÓg 2013

1)      The Minister for Education reforms the Leaving Cert from 7 subjects to 5 subjects with courses remaining as is to reduce students stress levels.

2)      Minister of Education and Minister of Children and Youth Affairs to develop a strategy on the promotion and encouragement of music education and performance within formal and informal education.

3)      To raise awareness of family support agencies and a more integrated approach when a family enters into the service.

4)      That the Comhairle can lobby local councils and National Government to provide funding for more youth facilities so that young people can socialise safely.

5)      Government supported introductory information schemes/programme on mental health Education in Primary Schools.

6)      Compulsory courses for teachers around bullying with regular reporting to Department of Education.

7)      Develop a school campaign to tackle the stigma around mental health and wellbeing.

8)      To provide workshops delivered by appropriate professionals on substance and alcohol abuse in all schools twice a year.

9)      For Comhairle to work with Dept. of Education and Dept. of Children to provide more varied and inclusive PE classes and activities in schools across Ireland.

10)   Implement policy in schools to recognise stress and mental health: website for teachers and parents, courses for teachers and parents together, relaxation and meditation classes for all tables (Dept. of Education to implement).

11)   Design an online campaign/programme to support families in dealing with mental health problems in young people.

12)   To introduce a hobby subject as part of transition year and promote hobbies within the school system.

13)   For the Councils to be given grants to set up more clubs or sports facilities to get more people involved as sport has a positive effect on mental health.

14)   Have a National Youth Gathering for 2nd level students, with music and events to improve attitudes towards mental health.

15)   The department of education needs to make S.P.H.E. more relevant. Young people should be consulted on course content to include current youth issues, such as sexual health, internet use, peer pressure and mental health.

16)   Comhairlí will work to help develop and expand Jigsaw throughout the country by working with relevant national and local Organisations.

17)   Develop a National anti-bullying campaign.

18)   Create an awareness campaign to promote support for young people who misuse alcohol.

19)   To work with the Government and social network providers and NGO’s to improve legislation and protection and spread awareness of safety online for young people.

20)   To develop a campaign to educate people (both young people and adults) on effects of alcohol/drug abuse concerning mental health.