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Dáil na nÓg 2019





Sat. 23rd November 2019
Leinster House 

Dáil na nÓg 2019 will be a special one. In celebration of 100 years of democracy in Ireland and the sitting of the first Dáil in 1919, this year’s event will take place in Leinster House. Delegates will take up seats in the Dáil chamber and workshops will take place in the Committee Rooms.

The day will open with a celebratory opening ceremony, followed by workshops and a tour of the house for participating delegates. One of the most important parts of the day will be the vote on the work-plan for the incoming 2020-21 Comhairle na nÓg National Executive. The day will end with the vote and a closing ceremony.

Background to coming up with a work-plan for the National Executive 2020-21

  • The topic for discussion originated from the three Comhairle Regional Networking events which took place over Easter. At these events, Comhairle members discussed and voted on the top three issues of importance to them. Climate Change emerged as the top issue at each of the three events. A combined list of all of the topics from the three days has been circulated to coordinators as an online survey for their Comhairle members to vote on. The topics are Climate Change, Mental Health, Youth Facilities, Access / Lack of Facilities and LGBTI+ issues.
  • In September 2019, three regional events will again be held in Limerick, Sligo and Dublin. At these events, Comhairle members will participate in workshops on the top issue and will be tasked with coming up with a series of recommendations for the incoming National Executive based on this.
  • Delegates of Dáil na nÓg 2019 will then have the opportunity to vote on the final recommendation which will go on to form the basis of the work of the incoming National Executive 2020-21

Dáil na nÓg Steering Committee 2019

In the lead-up to Dáil na nÓg, we have established a steering committee made up of members and coordinators from three Comhairlí: Clare, Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown and Louth in addition to members of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs’ Participation Team. This group has been tasked with the planning for the event and coming up with ways to make it the best one ever. They will be consulted with for all areas including theme selection, merchandise, promotion and publications, facilitators, social media and food. The Comhairle members will also take part in a
pilot in September to work on the workshop methodology for the day.