Comhairle na nÓg The national parliament for young people

Dáil na nÓg 2015







Dáil na nÓg 2015, 27th November, Croke Park, Dublin. 

Click here to download the Delegate Report 2015: Dail na nOg Delegate report 2015

The theme for Dáil na nÓg 2015 was ‘the need for young people to have a stronger voice in their education and school’. This theme came out of workshop discussions at the Comhairle Showcase 2014 in which over 400 young people voted on the areas of their lives in which they least had a say. Education and School came out on top. To read the Showcase report, click here: Comhairle Showcase report 2014

Some 200 young people aged 12-17 took part in Dáil na nÓg to discuss all aspects of this theme – participants took part in workshop discussions and contributed questions at the Q&A session with relevant ministers and government officials in the Department of Education. Delegates were elected to attend Dáil na nÓg through their local Comhairle na nÓg.

Topics for discussion in workshops on the day were as follows: 

  • Subject choice
  • Transition year
  • What happens in the classroom
  • Uniforms and personal appearance

After a vote by all 200 delegates by private ballot, the winning topic was What happens in the Classroom’. This will form the basis of the work-plan for the incoming Comhairle na nÓg National Executive 2016-17.

Below you will find  the Delegate Guide and Coordinators’ Guide to Dáil na nÓg 2015. These provided delegates and organisers with all the necessary information about Dáil na nÓg such as what will happen on the day, what the running order will be like, what we will be talking about and what happens afterwards etc…

Dáil na nÓg reports and guides 2015: please click on the links below to download:

Dail na nOg Delegate report 2015

Coordinators Guide to Dail na nOg 2015

Delegate Guide to Dail na nOg 2015

Here are some super photos from Dail na nÓg 2015: