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About Us

Current Topics

In 2021, Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg were working on the following three topics:

  • Mental Health – support the opening of Jigsaw & link to events planned with NTMH group
  • Racism & Discrimination – survey followed by support actions and printed materials
  • LGBTQ issues – awareness of supports for LGBTQ in Tipperary

Here’s their snazzy highlights newsletter  Tipperary Comhairle Newsletter 2021

Mental Health work

In the past year, mental health issues have become much more prevalent and it is their aim at Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg to help raise awareness and promote events and strategies for young people in the community. Raising awareness in relation to mental health is extremely important to them as it has come directly from the young people themselves. In 2020 they carried a survey of their peers and 66.% said their mental health had been negatively impacted by lockdown & Covid-19. With this new virtual wellness badge project, they hope to help promote activity levels and positive mental health as we emerge from a very difficult time.

‘How are things in Tipp?’ – Comhairle members 

Tipperary Comhairle members circulated a survey to young people in the county post lockdown to see how they were feeling. 81 young people participated – age breakdown as follows:

14% aged 12-14 yrs
42.1% aged 15-16 yrs
26.5% aged 17 yrs
17.1% aged 18 yrs.

Here’s what they found…


Comhairle members respond to Covid crisis

United Together, Staying Apart… Collaborative creativity in a time of crisis. Comhairle members from Cork City, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford came together to make this brilliant and informative video about the importance of social distancing in combating the Covid virus.


Any events organised by the Comhairle have been cancelled for now but they are still working hard through Zoom calls and surveys to progress their  topics of Drugs & Alcohol, Climate Change, Gender Equality and Mental Health.


Tipperary Comhairle na nÓg’s workplan for 2020 involved the following three topics: 

1. Nenagh 800
2. Climate Action
3. Drugs and Alcohol

Tipperary Comhairle focused their work on the topic of Equality in 2019 and on four key areas in relation to this:

Gender Equality:
A gender equality event is planned for May 2019 looking at combating stereotyping of careers. Career coaching will be part of this day

Working with Bridgewater House and Foróige on an inclusion project, running a play-day in summer 2019. 

An awareness-raising event is planned in Clonmel for September 2019. Promotion of services locally will play a huge part in this. 

Healthy Relationships
They will look at the link between education about healthy relationships and the combating of domestic violence. 

In April 2019 they were invited to Tipperary Council Chamber by CEO Joe MacGrath.

They also continued to work on their ongoing topic of mental health. A music event took place in summer 2019 to promote positive mental health and self-care. Social media platforms are used to promote all the available mental health services.


A snapshot of Tipperary Comhairle AGM 2018 with interviews from outgoing members and from participants on the day.

Tipperary Comhairle focused on the overall theme of children’s rights and the UNCRC in 2018.  The topic of mental health is an ongoing action, as voted by Comhairle members. Watch our video below to find out more about us…

Work already completed

in 2017 we focused on LGBTQ awareness & bullying as our primary topics. We also continued our work on the topic of mental health and hosted our third Let’s Go Mental event in Thurles – see video below which captures the essence of the day. We have been running this event annually since 2015 and the focus of the event is always on promoting positivity & the things we can all do to mind our own mental health: Connect, Be Aware, Give, Get Moving and Get Involved.


Health Promotion was our key topic for 2016, focusing on diet and wellness. We progressed our topic through the organisation of an event, and production of a workshop.

Tipperary Comhairle has been continuing its work on the topic of mental health since 2015. .

We hosted our #LetsGoMental2015 event in June 2015 – to read more and see some pics click here:



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