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Galway City Comhairle na nÓg

About us

Current topic

Galway City Comhairle’s primary topic for 2017 is mental health, with a particular focus on promoting positive mental health in school settings. We will liaise with schools in the city to introduce stress reduction and relaxation workshops in schools, focusing on exam classes and hope to encourage the introduction of coping skills for dealing with stress in school. We also intend making a short film to illustrate the impact of stress in the classroom. Finally, we want to host a one-day event focusing on activities to promote positive mental health.

Our secondary topic will be Supporting Refugees, a joint project with Galway City Comhairle. We will undertake intercultural training to do the following: understand the Syrian Refugee crisis, support young refugees and asylum seekers to integrate in their communities, to understand the cultural differences, and to support the needs of young people leaving Direct Provision. We are planning to host a cultural evening to raise awareness and promote social cohesion in Galway city.

Work already completed

In 2016, Galway City Comhairle focused their attentions on Youth Friendly Spaces. We carried out a survey among young people in the schools to see what they wanted in terms of facilities, but also to see what is already there. We linked with local businesses through Galway Chamber of Commerce to discuss using facilities in Galway City that are youth friendly. We also organised a youth gig in the city.

We also examined youth participation issues in Galway City, including looking at the creation of spaces for young people in the city to meet. The Comhairle surveyed all schools and youth groups in the city to see what they wanted in the spaces in the city, and what they could contribute to youth spaces in the city.

Galway City Comhairle have been working on the topic of Transport and the Environment since 2015. We intend to map the cycle and walking routes in Galway City to encourage more young people to walk or cycle. We will also create and send out a survey in relation to the current transport service in the city, targeting all schools and youth groups. The results of this will inform part of our year’s work plan.

Galway City Comhairle hosted their #LetsGoMental2015 event in July 2015. Click here to read more:

Our topic for 2014 was the ‘Galway for YOUth’ event, a one-stop shop displaying all the youth facilities and clubs and services for young people in Galway City.

The second annual Youth Friendly Business Awards, designed and organised by our Comhairle, took place in 2014, awarding the shops that are welcoming and treat young people with respect.

In 2012/2013 Galway City Comhairle na nÓg’s chosen topic was bullying. The committee hosted and participated in a Youth Exchange on the topic, creating a DVD to be used as a tool to encourage young people to stand up against bullying

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