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Current topics and news: 

Donegal Comhairle na nÓg have enjoyed a really productive two years, picking up two national awards along the way, including an RSA Leading Lights award for the creation of a series of Road Safety advertisements which were broadcast on regional radio stations.

In November 2015, they were also selected as one of five national winners of the Coca Cola Thank You Fund for their Shake Up Sports Initiative, securing €25,000 to develop the project countywide, encouraging young people to get active by sampling alternative sports.  The Shake Up Sports scheme provides taster sessions for young people interest in alternative sports. For media coverage click here:

They continued their work on the topic of mental health and have linked with key agencies to develop further mental health awareness events in Donegal. They made a video based on the five-a-day for your mental health’ and were also involved in the nationwide Let’s Go Mental campaign in 2015 to promote positive mental health in young people.

Work already completed

In 2015, Donegal Comhairle na nÓg focused our energies on raising awareness of Mental Health issues. In keeping with this, we hosted an event to promote positive mental health in young people on 26th August, as part of the #LetsGoMental2015 campaign: click here for more info on the national campaign. And here is the link to our Let’s Go Mental page

In 2014, Donegal Comhairle na nÓg  received a major European Award in recognition for one of our major projects from last year. The 2013 SPARKS Mental Health Roadshow was selected as the 2014 winner of the Assembly of European Regions “Most Youth Friendly European Region” Special Award. . In total, 24 out of 27 secondary schools, and over 800 students in the county, participated in the roadshows which took place in five different locations. Click on link below for Press Release:

We also launched SHAM: (Sexual Health And More) website, which is a new signposting website linking all the services that exist in relation to Sexual Health in Donegal and other related services in the county – 
Want to know more – see some photos in the gallery below, then click here for press release:

 We also made a video about our recent LGBT Chalk It Up event in Donegal Town to mark Belong To Stand Up week. It was made as part of a new partnership we have with the WIMPS media organisation from Northern Ireland who trained the young people how to do the film-making too. Click link below for video: 

In April 2014 we also launched our Youth Manifesto, in advance of Donegal County Council Elections on May 23. Read more below



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